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QlikView and Qlik Sense Extensions

NPGeoMap - QlikView and Qlik Sense Geo-Visualization extension - powerful, flexible and easy to configure

  • NPGeoMap is a sophisticated Qlik extension for analytic, geospatial presentation of enterprise-data within Qlik applications.

  • NPGeoMap allows to display and analyze information, which is unseeable and undetectable for tables and charts.

  • NPGeoMap creates your first Map in QlikView and Qlik Sense within seconds and only a few mouse clicks.

  • NPGeoMap can analytically display areas without Internet connection by using included area maps. Well-known map providers, such as Google Maps, Open Street Maps, MapBox, Here, ESRI Server, WMS and WMTS / Tile Server can be used in NPGeoMap.

  • NPGeoMap provides 1click-installation, simple configuration and is fully integrated in your Qlik environment (local client, QV server). NPGeoMap comes with maps of the most important countries, own maps for special areas (sales districts, zones, territories, ...) can be created with an add-on tool. No server installation necessary!

  • NPGeoMap ensures high performance because of intelligent data management, even with big data sets. Your data can be presented on many different levels, such as Polygons, Markers, Lines, Spheres, Heatmaps, Binning Grids, PopUp Charts, Classes and Legends, ...

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