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Installation - Updates - Licensing

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Version 2.5.84, 07.12.2017

System requirements:

Windows 7 or higher, QlikView Desktop or QlikView Server v. 11.2 SR5 or higher, up-to-date internet browser (IE 11 or higher, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). Internet browsers are under constant development in order to stay up to date - at present, highest performance has been achieved using Google Chrome.

Download the installation file after a quick registration from our website,
NPGeoMap can be used with full functionality for 30 days with a demo license. All add-ons (NPMapMaker, NPGeoCoding), map packs, help files, and a postcode (ZIP-code) register of major countries can be downloaded from the same page.


Desktop installation:

To install NPGeoMap on a desktop computer, double-click the installation file "NPGeoMap_v2.5[...].qar" (QlikView v. 11.2 SR5 or higher must be already installed). QlikView will open and automatically and install the ".qar" file in the correct folder. A ".qar" file is simply a ZIP file with a ".qar" extension. QlikView will copy the file into the current user directory:

C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\ Objects

All NPGeoMap functions are now ready for use. If problems are experienced with automatic installation (no user permission, etc.), the installation will need to be carried out manually. Rename the ".qar" file into a .zip file and extract as described above.
Make sure that the relevant paths are visible in Windows Explorer:

 Explorer  000_arrow  View  000_arrow  Options  000_arrow  Show hidden files 

QlikView Server installation:

To install NPGeoMap on a QlikView Server, proceed manually as described above. Rename the ".qar" file into a ".zip" file and extract it into the following folders:

Windows Server 2008:

Windows Server 2003:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects INSTALLATION

Change installation directory:

QlikView extensions can also be installed in an alternate directory on the server, in this case the directory settings have to be changed in QMC (QlikView Management Console). If a QlikView Local Client is installed on the same PC, where QlikView Server is installed (for development purposes, etc.), it is possible tell QlikView Local Client to use the same path as QlikView Server (see above) for the NPGeoMap extension.

This setting can be made with the following steps:

oIn QlikView Local Client click on  Help  000_arrow  About QlikView 
the following screen will appear:

click to expand

click to expand

oRight-click the QlikView Logo, set the  ExtensionUseServerFolder  string to value "1" and confirm by clicking on  Set  - QlikView Local Client will now use the same directory as QlikView Server for the extension. This ensures that local environment functions with the same version as QlikView Server.

oTo test whether the installation has been successful, open the demo version available on
If all map objects are displayed, NPGeoMap is installed correctly.


To work with NPGeoMap in your QlikView environment, a license is required. Such will be created personally for you, when you choose NPGeoMap as your QlikView Geo-Extension.
If NPGeoMap is already installed, you can get information about the current license by clicking on button_info in the Touchscreen Menu or  Info  in the Menu Bar.

What information do i need to obtain a license?

How to install the license

Issues with the license?

About the license file name


What information do i need to obtain a license?

For evaluation purposes, you will get a demo license by default (sent to you in an e-mail) when downloading a NPGeoMap Demo. This works for 30 days and does not need any information.
Full licenses for QlikView Desktop are related to the QlikView Serial Number. Further the name of the licensee is required.

How to get your QlikView Serial Number in NPGeoMap:

When NPGeoMap and a license (full or demo) are already installed for QlikView Desktop just click on button_info in the Touchscreen Menu or  Info  in the Menu Bar to get your QlikView Serial number.
If there's no valid license file (not even a demo license) found in the Extension Path (see next topic), the NPGeoMap object in your QlikView App will show a certain text, including the QlikView Serial number.

with license:

click to expand

click to expand

without license:

click to expand

click to expand

How to install the license
For installing the license the file hast just to be saved within the NPGeoMap Extesion Path in the subfolder "license".

Extension Path in QlikView Desktop:
C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\ Objects\NPGeoMap_[version]\license


Issues with the license?


Do not to change the file or the file name.


Make sure to remove the demo license file when installing a full license.
You can check the currently used license by clicking on button_info in the Touchscreen Menu or  Info  in the Menu Bar.

About the license file name

The file name always consists of the following components:
"license", an intern product number (NPGeoMap for QlikView is number 1), the beginning of the NPGeoMap version number - all separated with a dash - and an extension containing information what type of license it is.

 license  +  ‑  +  product number  +  ‑  +  main version number  +  .extension 

Meaning of the extensions:




Demo License

QlikView Desktop License

QlikView Server License


NPGeoMap for Sense Server

For information on installation and licensing of NPGeoMap for Sense Server please contact us directly via