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Version Overview


Version 3.1.54, 25.01.2019

This table gives a quick overview on new features, changes and eventual bug fixes in all versions of NPGeoMap for Qlik.

version, date

 New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes



000_star New Feature - Custom KPI Variables:
Custom KPI Variables can now be created and used for Popups, Tooltips and Labels of dynamic Objects, Cluster items and Spheres.
Variables are set inside MAP/MARKER/LINE SETTINGS.

000_star New Feature - GeoJSON (KML):
Coordinates in GeoJSON (KML) format can now be used for Maps, Markers and Lines.

New Feature - Encoded Polylines for Paths:
Path Coordinates now support Encoded Polylines and map files.

New Feature - Labels on Multipolygons:
Labels of Multipolygons can now be displayed on the largest/first Polygon or on all Polygons.
See feature multipolygons inside LAYER SETTINGS.

000_warning Modification:
As of 31.12.2018 users are no longer permitted to access the "Mapbox grey for Qlik" Background Tilemap.
Hence the Background map with the internal number "12" is now changed to the alternative provided by Qlik and renamed to "Qlik default Map grey".
Please note that the usage of external Tile Servers like Mapbox or Google Maps is always bound to their respective Terms and Conditions - make sure that the use is permitted in your environment.

New images where added to the installation package of NPGeoMap 3.1.

Variable access was denied in published Apps in Sense Server version September 2018. This is fixed with version 3.1.53.