The  Touchscreen Menu

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The  Touchscreen Menu

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Version 2.50.84, 07.12.2017

The Touchscreen Menu is the default menu in NPGeoMap. When the Menu Bar is enabled instead, it will automatically hide if a mobile device is detected.

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General Features (on the left side in the object) 


If this button is active (blue) the view on the map is "locked" - that means the map section doesn't change automatically, like it would when selections are made. Panning and zooming the map manually is still possible.

Same as  Lock View  in the Menu Bar.


NPGeoMap pans and zooms in an intelligent way every time a selection is made, to make sure the view is always optimal. Of course it's possible to zoom and pan manually. With context menu button  Zoom Home  the map section shifts back to the last automatically generated position and zoom level.

Same as  Zoom  000_arrow  Zoom Home  in the Menu Bar.

Additionally if the Quick Zoom Menu is activated in the properties, its elements will also appear in this context menu (see screenshot on the right). They can forward the map section to the configured position with one click.

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click to expand


Here the print preview window of the Internet Explorer* will be opened, showing the current view in the way it would be printed.
To proceed with printing on none mobile devices click on 000_IE_settings in the upper right corner and choose "print". If then "page setup" is chosen, the size and format of the printout can be configured. Instead of printing a screenshot can be taken.

Same as  Preview  in the Menu Bar.


The "Refresh" feature initiates a reload of the application, just like opening it again. Manually added Spheres disappear, selections in Sense will stay.

Same as the  F5  key.


Opens a dialog with information about the NPGeoMap object like:

oNPGeoMap version

oinformation about licensing and the serial number

oSense object number

ocurrent zoom level

ovarious information about currently loaded data (loading time, number of Marker,...)

oa button for refreshing the map cache

Same as  Info ?  in the Menu Bar.

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click to expand

Radial Spheres Menu (in the upper right corner of the object) 


This menu only appears, if the set Sphere mode is activated in the NPGeoMap properties of the object. It allows to set Spheres (Circles), Pins (markings) or Isochrones (travel surroundings in time or distance) by clicking somewhere on the map and further use them as a selection or analysis tool.
The placed Spheres must be confirmed with another tap/click on this button to proceed.

Same as  Spheres  in the Menu Bar.

More about Spheres, Pins and Isochrones here.

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click to expand


As soon as the first item (Sphere, Pin or Isochrone) is set and confirmed (Add-Button above is gray again), this button is enabled to delete the Spheres again in reverse order.