npgeomap log1

The smart
QlikView and Qlik Sense map Extension

NPGeoMap Functions

  • Unlimited Layers
    Open Street Maps or Google Maps, local Tiles, WMS or other as background map, fully dynamic and multi-functional Polygon (Areas), Marker (Point) or Line Layers and Radial Spheres and Isochrones. Display areas like Countries, ZIP codes or custom districts, Points like Cities, Customers, Branches or other Points of Interest and display Lines, representing railways/flight routes, flows or relations.

  • Amazing Performance
    Intelligent Map file format and general Map handling and an optimized system.
    Further enhance performance with scaling, dynamic resolutions or a drill down

  • Powerful Auto View
    Always gets you the perfect zoom and view and is highly customizable.

  • Full spectrum of color presentation
    All kinds of color codes (Hex, RGB/ARGB, HTML color names, Qlik color formulas), wide range of patterns for coloring areas with additional information level, and most important - calculated by class with several statistical calculation bases to display weighting, distribution, priorities and and trends, all presented in a flexible and rich Legend.

  • Everything highly dynamic, flexible and customizable
    Use KPIs like Sales, Market Shares, Groups or Categories as conditions and parameters for all kinds of settings.

  • Maps "on board"
    Included in the installation file are main geo maps like "DACH" (DE, AT and CH) and USA and more maps from over 140 Countries all over the world in different administration levels (regions, counties, districts, provinces,…) are provided and free for NPGeoMap users.

  • Custom Maps
    A simple format (basically .csv) and the additional tool NPMapMaker allow to convert or create your own maps. Maps can show official geographic areas (Countries, States), combined areas (territories or zones) but as well depots, storage space, real estate properties, parking lots, agricultural land or even abstract technical areas.

  • Adresses
    To convert your Adresses to geo-coordinates with Longitude and Latitude, to display them as Markers (Points) on the Map, you have more than one option – a geocoding application, an international Zip-Code file (provided and free for NPGeoMap users) or the add-on tool NPGeoCoding.

  • Huge selection possibilities
    Single-select objects additionally (one by one) or immediately (double click), multi-select with several tools like square, circle, polygon or freehand/lasso selection, define the Layer to be selected in, intersection selections, take selections via Spheres, Hexagons or even Legend segments and combine all those possibilities to make the perfect analysis.

  • Qlik Formulas and Set Analysis
    Just use them as you do in every other Qlik Object, like Charts or Tables to visualize your KPIs (key performance indicators) in NPGeoMap.

  • A bunch of other useful stuff
    Display Qlik Objects inside NPGeoMap PopUps showing information of the clicked object alongside other free configurable HTML content, a lot of style possibilities for Markers, like images and labels, Heatmaps and binning with Circle Cluster or a Hexagon Grid, Great Circles for accurate geodetic "straight" Lines along the globe, a Highlight-Effect which highlights respective areas when hovering over a Polygon or even a Legend segment, a range of integrated Add-On tools like "markers in polygons" (exports a list automatically assigning Markers to their geographically related Polygons) or export Isochrones as Polygons to use them as a Map Layer and export intersections of Spheres, a working print engine, a special section called "Events" where you can program directly in and with NPGeoMap to integrate your Javascript Code (templates provided),…

    and a lot more!