npgeomap log1

The smart
QlikView and Qlik Sense map Extension

Januar 2019 - New features and Coordinates format support released

  • Coordinates in GeoJSON (KML) format can now be used for Maps, Markers and Lines.
  • Path Coordinates now support Encoded Polylines and map files.
  • Custom KPI Variables can now be created and used for Popups, Tooltips and Labels of dynamic Objects, Cluster items and Spheres. Variables are set inside MAP/MARKER/LINE SETTINGS.

November 2018 - Neue features and Tile Service Provider

  • New Backgroundmap/Tile Service Provider: TomTom
  • In addition to Goggle - Nominatim, Here, TomTom, and Bing are now also available as providers for direct search within the maps.

September 2018 - NPGeoMap 3.1 for Qlikview und Qlik Sense released

Expect a completely new multilayer concept and many new features.

Take a look at the basic differences in the Getting Started for Qlik Sense or Getting Started for QlikView document, the new features can be found on the website.

Attention: Objects created in version 2.5 can still be used, but - because of the new multilayer architecture - they can not be automatically converted to version 3.1. However many settings are equal to the previous version and can be transfered by copy-paste.
If you want to use both NPGeoMap versions within a Qlik app, you should also download and install the latest version of NPGeoMap 2.5.